The tubers have exhibited anticancer poperties. The plant contains triterpenes and steroidal compounds with antibacterial and antimalarial activity. Part shade and a fast draining acidic soil. Does well in hanging baskets. Surface sow seeds warm. Seed packet 4 5-10 plant 3 years old.50, agapetes, ludgvans Cross  Himalayan Huckleberry hybrid, a hybrid. Rugosa, forming a 34 shrub.

Yellow-green spadix. Native to north America and temperate eurasia, our seed stock is from the foods northern us prairies, medicinally distinct from the Asian plants. A panacea, revered for its medicinal properties wherever it grows. The aromatic rhizome is a premier digestive aid, stimulant, and all around tonic. Seed packet 3, agapetes hosseana, saphaolom Thai huckleberry, ericaceae. A lovely species that forms large woody caudiciform lignotubers. Arching branches to 3 with shiny, rounded-elliptic, evergreen leaves. Clusters of pendant, narrow tubular red flowers with green tips. Sweet edible berries, white to pale pink with lavender speckles. An epiphytic species native deet to the mountain forests of northern Thailand. The lignotubers are used in Thai medicine for nourishment after a fever.

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Tall, slender, pyramidal evergreen to 200 zelf in some specimens. Long, spirally arranged, dark green needles. New shoots chartreuse to yellowish. Chadwell seed collection, forests of Himachel Pradesh, 8000. Soft light wood used for building. Z8a 6-9 treelet 3 years old.50 or 2 for. Acacia colei, edible wattle, fabaceae. Fast growing Nitrogen-fixing tree to 1530. Simple leaves and yellow flowers. A pajaczki traditional Aborigine bush-food, the seeds being high in protein.

traditional medicinals tea australia
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This is only a partial list of the machine plants and seeds we have available. Send 2 (4 international) for alzheimers our complete illustrated catalog. To assure we are distributing the highest level of genetic diversity, all of the plants we offer are grown from seed unless noted otherwise. Unless noted otherwise, seed packets contain 15-40 seeds (with very tiny seed like. Gaultheria, campanula, nicotiana, etc the seed count is in the hundreds). Look to all the other sections of the website for additional edible and medicinal species! Abies pindrow, cC6800 Himalayan Fir, pinaceae.

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Product Options health Products: — please select —soaps Combination of product variants is not available quantity Price:.50 NE010 Australian Bush Honey cream 100g Naturally fragranced with Australian Bush Honey, this cream is designed to naturally moisturise, nourish and prevent dryness to your skin. The positive benefits of the honey products are enhanced by fresh aloe vera, fresh royal jelly, macadamia oil, neem and vitamin. Quantity Price:.95 Updating cart NE203 neem Rich whisper for Her 120g neem Rich whisper for Her 120g Soft creamy texture with the touch of silk. Be tempted with our seductive fragrance. Ladies, spoil yourself with this exotic Whisper neem Rich creamy cleansing Bar. The pure perfume enhances the richness of the smooth and silky feeling and leaves your skin with an exotic touch. A beautiful creamy cleansing bar with extra moisturiser and Jojoba neem oils quantity Price:.00 Updating cart NE205 neem Bushwalkers soap 100g neem Bushwalkers soap 100g Added protection with neem, citronella, tea tree oil against those biting insects. Lathers in hard and salt water.

traditional medicinals tea australia
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Help prevent your horse from losing condition through insect behaviour. Use 10ml to 1 litre water. Use in spray or sponge onto animal. Make up into wash to clean out stable. Neem is arteriosclerosis antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-viral.

Contains 100 pure neem seed Oil (no chemical additives or extractions) plus a vegetable wetting agent. Our neem Oil is rich in fatty acids vitamin. Neem is non toxic to humans, animals, mammals birds bees. Product Options Wash sizes: — please select —1 litre250gm5 litres Combination of product variants is not available quantity Price: from.50 Updating cart Intensive cleansing Bar (Chocolate Brown) 120g Intensive cleansing Bar (Chocolate Brown) 120g Rich Lather with extra vitamin e, jojoba, moisturiser and unperfumed. Wonderful for those with sensitive skin, Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, Acne, candida and many other skin complaints.

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It is brilliant for sick and ailing animals. All natural product with no chemical additives. Product Options, equine sizes: — please select —10Kg380gm760gm80gm, combination of product variants is not available. Quantity, price: from.00, updating cart, herbal Pack. Herbal Pack, neem is internationally known as a naturally occurring bitter, a blood purifying herb. The liver is basically cleansed gently via the blood flowing through.

Blood purifiers wash and soothe internal organs so have a very powerful health promoting effect. Both the tea and Capsules are made from leaves harvested from Australian neem Trees. The tea is a balanced blend of neem leaf organic green tea. Those that have symptoms of gout, have experienced relief with drinking the tea and taking the capsules on a daily basis. This Herbal Pack includes neem green tea 50g.00 and 40 Capsules.00. Special Price for Pack. Quantity Price:.50 Updating cart Horse stable wash Horse stable wash neem Horse stable wash conditions horses coat leaving it glossy and smooth. Can be diluted as a wash for the horse and stable or can be used full strength for problems such as Qld itch, Greasy heel, sores,scratches, open wounds or bad areas where insects attack them.

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Quantity, calming price:.50, updating cart, food Supplement for Horses, cattle, goats pigs. This supplement is a humic and fulvic acid based stock food supplement containing chelated forms of copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and other micro-elements. Its broad spectrum mineral nutrition helps strengthen animal health and vitality. Fulvic acid is an electrolyte to create cellular balance, which has many associated benefits including improved digestion, health and vigour. Humic acid is a recognised digestive aid for all domestic animals and is a powerful tool to improve feed utilisation. This supplement also has powerful detox properties and is a microbe stimulant. It contains over 70 minerals and essential trace elements. More details, benefits non-toxic Stabilises intestinal flora reduces water loss helps bind and dispose of toxins Stimulates the immune system Recommended Application: Horses 10 20 grams per day (night meal only) depending on weight of horse (500 kg horse 20g) Mix with water or molasses. Because it improves digestion the animals look better, their coats superb and they will tend to put on weight if their food intake is not controlled.

traditional medicinals tea australia
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Great for vertalen allergies, sores, scratches, cuts, bites, fleas, ticks. Product Options, wash sizes: — please select —1 litre20 litres250gm5 litres. Quantity, price: from.50, updating cart, equine Spray bot fly 750ml. Equine Spray suggested for bot fly 750ml. Spray or sponge onto affected areas. Spray vulnerable areas as a preventative. Suitable for horses, cattle and animals prone to bot Fly. Natural product with neem. Non Toxic and safe to use.

Available in 250ml, 1L, 20L packs. Fantastic prices on bulk quantities. Product Options, wash sizes: — please select —1 litre20 litres5 litres. Combination of product variants is not available. Quantity, price: from.00, updating cart, cattle wash (concentrate). If your animals are being annoyed by biting insects you have nothing to lose when trying Neem Cattle wash. There are many reports saying it is effective against fleas, ticks, insects, bacteria fungal disease. Dilute with water at a rate of 10ml to 1 Litre of water (dilute even with 3 litres of water) and can be used as a wash or as a rinse.

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Cattle Shampoo rich with neem, do you want your livestock to look their best at shows and without any insects annoying them? Cattle Shampoo with neem is mild and gentle on skin, coat and is pH balanced. This is a quality shampoo at an affordable price for you to show your cattle every day of the week if necessary. Customers that have tried our cattle shampoo are very happy with the results they achieve at shows and the comments from judges about the cattles coat. Biting insects hate neem and they prefer not to hang around neem is a great natural repellant. . neem is non toxic to humans, animals, birds and bees. Neem has been around for about 4,000 years so it is well and truly tried and tested as a natural repellant.

Traditional medicinals tea australia
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