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google website seo analysis
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google website seo analysis
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I hope this helps to overturn your disqualification decision. A final word, fuck you wix and your corrupt judge After all this, the judge initially accepted my appeal and then the day of the competition sends me a disqualification notice. There is no justice in this as the top 3 all broke the rules by building a link network, building massive amounts of profile links, and even Wix themselves blatently bought links. This whole contest has been a joke from the start. The judge was looking for any little reason and asked about the hijacking, about various links, and even about the spike in traffic to my server when someone tried to take it down. He was hunting for anything to disqualify me on, and the worst part is in the end I don't know why he did as no reason was provided. He just sent an email that was like fuck you, you're disqualified and there's nothing you can do about it according to the rules. I even made a comment on skype at one point "It seems more like you're looking for any little reason to disqualify me at this point" which is true, that's what it felt like with a bunch of silly questions.

google website seo analysis
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Again, here are header responses from the and sites during the contest period that show otherwise along with google search Console data, traffic data from CloudFlare, google Analytics, ranking checks showing the site ranking alongside m, and please recall our skype session where i downloaded server. I will detail these below. You can see the sites in question ranking with a title that is not from my contest website, these were sent to the judge on March 21st. Here are the header responses from the days pulled from gsc which also goes against what is shown: *A note from. We can clearly see these sites went to m now, the rest is me proving m was live and what's not shown here is I went through the server logs in real time with the judge on skype. My gsc data for some of my more popular terms proving m was ranking and showing during the time period this is claiming it was redirected. You can even see a spike in searches for my name on the first day of the competition where m was returned in the serps: google Analytics also has data from the days in question showing the tag was firing on the domain, whereas this.

A note from. I realize this wasn't the best screenshot for analytics and in a further conversation with the judge i offered to turn over ga access for m to the judge, to which he replied: "I will use the print screen that you have provided" Please check. You can even see traffic was flowing through cloudflare for m on the days in question. I even tried to get an activity log from CloudFlare but unfortunately it isn't supported: There has been a lot of dirty activities in the competition from this to negative seo to serp hijacking. I have done my best to be open and honest throughout the competition both on my website and with my interactions with the judge. I have done my best to investigate and spent way more time than I should have collecting evidence to refute the accusations.

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See my video on making m redirect to m This shows m redirecting to my website the same way as in the video provided as evidence against. This was done with a combination of a local Winlamp server and editing my hosts file. For hosts I simply added: m m Which causes m to resolve locally. In the index file where it resolves on my winlamp server i added: This behaves as a redirect and causes the url to change to the new location. You'll see in the provided video against me on the bookmarks bar at the start some shortcuts like fb and. These don't actually work, but if you put them in the hosts file and create a shortcut like: fb Then typing fb into the browser would take you to m because fb would resolve to facebook's ip address on the local machine.

It seems he has experience with the hosts file and has setup shortcuts. Another tell-tale sign this video is done this way is that when the websites resolve to m, the countdown timer is expired. This did not expire until after the competition as it was set to count down to each drawing period. This video was made after the end of the competition, not during. My rankings have remained unchanged during this period. If a domain had been redirected, this would have taken me out of the suppression and put me on page 1, but that did not happen. The video shows these domains redirecting to beanseohero.

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Dear Patric Stox, baby thank you for sending us your appeal. Your appeal has been examined and reviewed and it is my conclusion that it should be rejected. Therefore, your disqualification remains in duits force. Pursuant to section of the rules the decision is final and binding. Thank you again for participating in the contest. Regards, Eran Hurvitz but what was the evidence? It's a video that shows some domains that I do own redirecting. The thing is, they redirect to m and have for years now. Here it is in it's full glory.

google website seo analysis
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I was disqualified which you can read about below, while here are your top. What a terrible ruling. Tech who created a link network of French websites. M was the biggest spammer in the competition with massive amounts of profile links. M obviously bought links and I called them out. As of now I'm officially out of the competition. I was disqualified last Friday for a bullshit video and I filed an appeal that the judge accepted yesterday. I was excited and i even tweeted about it: for Today i get an email where the judge can't even spell my name correctly telling me i've been disqualified and the decision is final.

Because i lost my dad to cancer on April 1st, 2015 and it sucked. My what dad was my hero and this was and still is painful. I know so many others go through the fighting and the loss with their loved ones, so i want to support a cause that battles this terrible villain. Wix seo hero competitor Rankings, for the final phase of the seo hero Challenge, i'll be pulling only the top competitors and their positions at the exact time the judge does at noon and 8pm eastern on the 13th, 14th, and 15th and in the. I'll record the top ones and their position at each check. Domain 7th check 6th check 5th check 4th check 3rd check 2nd check 1st check m seo-hero. Tech nja m m m m m m m z seoherocontest. Xyz m pport t m m m m 20 20 3/30/2017 What a shitshow this competition has been The results are in and can be found here.

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Who was The seo hero winner? The winner of Wix's seo hero Challenge and 50,000 was Walid Gabteni of seo-hero. The top 5 were: seo-hero. Tech m maagzuur m m m, i was disqualified in the end by the judge, eran Hurvitz who let link networks and paid links slide. I guess I shouldn't have called out the contest sponsor for buying links. Next "seo hero" search Will Happen in: What will be an seo hero do with the money? 100 of the money will go to the cancer Research Institute.

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